Arcadia Premieres Hope for Wildlife spin-off, Doctor Barry this week

Arcadia Premieres Hope for Wildlife spin-off, Doctor Barry this week

Arcadia Content is thrilled to announce the premiere of “Doctor Barry” on May 29, 2019 at 9 PM Atlantic Standard Time (AST)on OUTtv. This new six-part series follows Doctor Barry MacEachern, a regular on Arcadia’s renowned “Hope for Wildlife” as he opens up his own veterinary clinic in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

“Opening my own clinic is a dream come true and to be able to share it with the show’s audience is an amazing opportunity. At Burnside Veterinary Hospital,we love our animals and our animals love us, that’s the heart of my work and the heart off the show.” says Dr. Barry.

With the help of his staff and clinic manager/husband Dave, in each episode Barry gives his all to keep his hospital family happy while still answering the call from animal organizations around the world desperate for his expertise. Along the way, there are funny moments and happy endings, but there are also in-depth medical procedures and heart-wrenching realities that must be faced. Dr. Barry’s passion and experience mean these moments are met with both scientific understanding and unabashed emotion; the qualities that have made him a respected and loved figure around the world.

“The Arcadia team has worked with Dr. Barry for many years so when he decided to open his own clinic,we knew we had to follow him on his new adventure. Dr. Barry cares deeply about his animal patients and their families and we are honoured that he trusts us to share his story,” says John Wesley Chisholm, President and Creative Director of Arcadia Content.

The Doctor Barry series has been picked up internationally by PBS. After its original run on OUTtv, the series will air on Canada’s Knowledge Network.

About Arcadia Content:

Halifax-based Arcadia Content produces fact-driven, popular and entertaining TV programming. ArcadiaContentbegan 18 years ago by telling stories about ocean adventures; populated with extreme characters, incredible contraptions and high stakes. Its programming portfolio expanded to include series and specials about wildlife, secret societies, unexplored places and the great mysteries of civilization. Arcadia’s work has won two Canadian Screen Awards, a 2013 Emmy nomination and dozens of awards from festivals around the world. Arcadia’sseries and specialscan be seenon Discovery, National Geographic, History, Smithsonian, Oasis, Vision, Bravo!, CBC and other broadcasters in 140 countries around the world.

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