About the TV Series

About the TV series.

Doctor Barry takes every challenge head on – treating dogs, cats and wild animals at all stages of life – whether it’s newborn litters struggling for survival, elderly pets in their final days, or tackling real life emergencies – everything from animal bites to drug overdoses. Whatever the case, Dr. Barry treats every animal as if it were his own. With the help of his talented and trustworthy staff – and with support from clinic manager/husband Dave, Barry gives his all to keep his hospital family happy – while still answering the call from animal organizations around the world desperate for his expertise. Along the way, there are funny moments and happy endings – but there are also in-depth medical procedures and heart-wrenching realities that must be faced. Dr. Barry’s passion and experience mean these moments are met with both scientific understanding and unabashed emotion – the same qualities that have made Barry a respected and loved figure around the world.